Sales Director

“The Sales Director is responsible for ensuring that the organization is engaging effectively with customers”


The Sales Director defines and executes the sales strategy for the organization, setting the direction for various sales teams across all sales channels.


As a Sales Director, I need to be able to help customers understand the value of the product that we make. I need to be able to ensure an ongoing pipeline of new sales prospects and to maintain good customer retention, minimizing the cost of acquisition and retention. I am keen for us to have products that are so compelling that our customers help to sell them to others because they like them so much.

I need the customer to understand that we understand their problems and have good solutions to mitigate the risks associated.

I need to understand when something that we are working on will be available to customers, so that I can be selling this in a timely manner. I need to be able to resolve unanticipated customer problems rapidly and effectively.

Value Add from Continuous Delivery

  • Customer-driven product creation
  • The ability to discover good products, with the customer
  • High quality metrics, to understand customer behaviors and preferences
  • The ability to react quickly to customer requests and problems
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