Product Manager

“The Product Manager is empowered to create products”


The Product Manager is empowered to create products. They are responsible for evaluating opportunities, deciding what is worth building and are accountable for the success or failure of a product. Product Managers are not people managers and not responsible for the management of design or engineering teams. They are experts in the customer domain who fully understand the business model and operating model of their company and are focused upon applying technology to create products in the target market.


As a Product Manager, I want to be able to run experiments with customers, so that I can evidence product-market fit, or lack thereof. I need my team to be focused upon getting experiments in front of customers, capturing valuable metrics and learning from the results. I have a limited budget, both in resources, and in the amount of customer attention that I can hope to capture, so I need to iterate fast and effectively to maximize the chances of discovering a hit product.

Value Add from Continuous Delivery

  • Being able to get from an idea for a product, to having that idea be testable with real customers, in the shortest possible time
  • Being able to learn rapidly by experimentation with the minimum of up-front investment
  • Being able to tightly control risks through good governance and automation
  • Being able to safely empower my team to do amazing things
  • Being able to react instantly to new information from customers
  • Being able to recover rapidly from unexpected situations without causing unacceptable levels of risk
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