Data Scientist

“The Data Scientist is responsible for extracting information from data”


A Data Scientist is responsible for mining data sources to extract subsets of the data that can be used to create useful information based upon statistical or machine learning techniques.


As a Data Scientist, I want to be able to apply mathematical techniques efficiently to large volumes of data. I need to be able to access large stores of structured or unstructured data, clean, validate and separate the data into versioned training and testing data sets.

I need to be able to inspect this data for inherent bias and process it to maintain privacy. I need to be able to train models or run regressions.

As part of the training process, I need to be able to test the performance of my models against a target threshold. I would also like to evaluate the resulting model against our corporate values to ensure fairness and freedom from bias.

I must be able to demonstrate an audit trail of my training activities to regulators to support compliance activities.

Value Add from Continuous Delivery

  • Reduced lead times in delivering new capabilities
  • Increased deployment frequency
  • Reduced risk to the organization
  • Path to regulatory compliance
  • Standard ways of working
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