Brand Manager

“The Brand Manager is responsible for maintaining the organization’s public image”


The Brand Manager ensures that all product lines and services align to the brand values of the organization. They coordinate marketing and product activities in line with the overarching strategy.


As a Brand Manager, I need to make sure that all of our products align to our brand. I must be able to enforce consistency across all our product lines, so that our customers recognize and understand our brand and how our product offerings fit within that, I need to ensure that everything that we publish aligns to the values and ethics of the organization. I would like to be able to verify that all assets that we produce conform to our style guide and branding guidelines.

Value Add from Continuous Delivery

  • Ability to incorporate brand values during the design and development phases
  • Ability to standardize process across multiple product lines
  • Ability to automate checks for brand compliance
  • Ability to integrate values and ethics checks into release processes
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