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This site brings together guidance and best practices for software delivery based on research and experiences of industry leaders.

The Continuous Delivery Foundation

The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) serves as the vendor-neutral home of many of the fastest-growing projects for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). It fosters vendor-neutral collaboration between the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors to further CI/CD best practices and industry specifications. Its mission is to grow and sustain projects that are part of the broad and growing continuous delivery ecosystem.

Who does this relate to?

As a Customer

“I want this problem solved at a price that is less than the cost it is currently causing me”


“I want to demonstrate product-market fit within a given resource window, so that I can make the decision to scale or pivot.”


“I want us to produce quality products, so that we can minimise churn and grow virally in the market.”


“I want to minimize the level of technical debt held by the organization”


“I want to be able to scale my team with minimal overhead so that we can continue to meet the needs of the business”


“I want to ensure that we are building defensible assets, so that we can add value to the business”

As a Product Manager

“I want to be able to run experiments with customers, so that I can evidence product-market fit”

As a Delivery Manager

“I want to be able to optimise my resource usage and delivery time, so that I can meet my OKRs”

As a Marketing Director

“I want to be able to ensure that our go-to-market plan is practical and achievable”


“I want to ensure that we are minimising our exposure to security risk in a cost-effective manner”

As Technical Design Authority

“We want to have a consistent suite of technologies across the enterprise continuum, so that we can have consistent processes and minimize cost of ownership”

As a Software Developer

“I want to be able to put my feature into production so that I can complete this User Story in the current sprint”

As a Brand Manager

“I want to be sure that everything we produce aligns to our brand values and style guide”

As Head of Legal

“I want to be sure that we are minimizing our exposure to legal risks and are compliant with applicable legislation”

As an IP Lawyer

“I want to ensure that our Intellectual Property is fully protected”

Learning best practices

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