IP Lawyer

“The IP Lawyer advises the organization upon how to protect its intellectual capital”


The IP Lawyer is concerned with protecting intellectual property from criminal attack, abuse and trademark violation. They manage trademarks, patents, copyrights and other trade secrets. They may be involved in licensing of IP to other organizations, franchising, distribution or the sale or transfer of technology.


As an IP Lawyer, I need to be able to assist the organization in protecting the value of its IP. I must be able to ensure that access to IP remains only with authorized parties, both inside and outside the organization.

I need to know that we are only sharing what we intend to share with our customers and partners and that we are not unintentionally leaking trade secrets to competitors. I need to be informed of attacks upon our IP, such as theft or piracy. I need to know about abuses of our trademarks and copyright.

I need to be sure that we are not unintentionally abusing the rights of others. I need to understand the implications of the licenses of every Open Source dependency. I need to understand that our customers are conforming to the terms of the licenses in respect to products that we provide to them, and that we are conforming to the terms of any licenses imposed upon us by our suppliers.

Value Add from Continuous Delivery

  • Automated management of the content of release distributions
  • Control over access to source assets
  • Control over access to production assets
  • Audit trail of access to protected information
  • Ability to scan all release activities for compliance
  • License scanning on dependency tree
  • License management on dependency tree
  • Implementation of license management flowing to customers
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