“The CEO is responsible for scaling the company and driving profitability”


The CEO is responsible for scaling the company and driving profitability. They are ultimately responsible for shaping the business model and the target operating model of the company. They are the primary point of communication between the executive team and the board of directors and will often be the public face of the business. The CEO has the most influence over the performance of the business.


As CEO, I need to tune the running of the business so that we are producing products that solve important customer problems, and that we are able to do so faster and more effectively than our competition. I want to demonstrate product-market fit within a given resource window, so that I can make the decision to scale that product or pivot to something else. I need us to be able to learn as quickly as possible without making mistakes that will kill the company. I want us to produce quality products, so that we can minimize churn and grow virally in the market.

Value Add from Continuous Delivery

  • Being able to get from an idea for a product, to having that idea be testable with real customers, in the shortest possible time
  • Being able to learn rapidly by experimentation with the minimum of up-front investment
  • Being able to tightly control risks through good governance and automation
  • Being able to safely empower my team to do amazing things, whilst retaining the culture I wish to promote
  • Being able to react quickly to changing market conditions
  • Being able to put out fires quickly and safely, enabling us to enhance rather than degrade reputation
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